The Company

A.F.Carreto e Filhos a young, dynamic and well- known company in the Portuguese market. Its principle aims are the buying, selling and management of scrap recycling. The company has operated for 3 decades in Portugal and 5 years in the international market, it´s ranked in the top15 companies of its .sector.

This family run company, originally named "AFCarreto lda", was created in 1986,by António Filipe Carreto, the founder and owner, who, in 2 decades, managed to create a solid, financial and economical structure, working only with scrap metal. Bringing and expanding his business to a national level.

In 2003, 2 new partners joined to prepare and boost the company for future advancement in the area of Management and scrap recycling.

To achive this new challenge, with a new name, “A.F.Carreto e Filhos SA”, a profound financial and physical restructure took place with 2 new units, one in Castelo Branco and the other in Pero Pinheiro, Sintra. It was necessary to increase staff, as well as investing in modern, technological equipment to recycle several types of metal, such us aluminium and copper. The company is licenced in waste management and certified in Quality management, ISO9001 and environmental management ISO14001.

Nowadays, A.F.Carreto e Filhos SA is a PME leader, which relies on a solid structure and stable financial and economical base. It is well respected and well known with its national competitiors. There has also been a significant growth occuring over the last few years on an international scale.

Experience, dedication, honesty and dynamic qualities distinguish us from our competitors.

For all of the previously mentioned qualities, A.F.Carreto e Filhos SA is honoured that clients and partners, see A.F.Carreto as their prefered choice. The mission is to provide an excellent service, capable of surpassing our competitors constantly and conscientiously.


Mission, Vision & Values



The mission of A.F.Carreto e Filhos SA is to supply and ensure a sustainable, quality service in the Scrap metal valuation and management business. Always in respect of each stage of the process, as well as optimising resources while minimizing environmental impact.

Believe that what A.F.Carreto does today, will make a difference in future generations quality of life.



A.F.Carreto believes in the future, putting its faith in new technology and continual development with its contributers. A.F.Carreto is demanding, both with itself as with its partners. Which leads to the quality of the service and products surpassing client expectations.

The values include seizing opportunities and confronting challenges as well as continual development also contributes to A.F.Carreto's values. It is ambitious and dynamic, wanting to continually grow and progress in a sustainable way.

The vision is for A.F.Carreto to play a pro-active role for both the community and the world.



Honest business negotiations.

Experience in the sector.

Patterns of quality in services and products.

Client, supplier and contributer mutual respect and satisfaction.

Dynamic and innovative technology.

Qualified human resource management team.

Financial credibility punctual payment.


All of these factors contributed towards the company´s substantial growth.

Environment & Certificates

Conscious of the importance of A.F.Carreto´s intervention on an environmental level. The company is commited to strategically protecting the environment, driving each activity in an innovative, but overall responsible way.

This way, offering A.F.Carreto´s clients a quality service regarding scrap metal recycling management with a reduced environmental impact. This attitude allows the best continuity of service and environmental performance, with both clients and partners.

The whole, integrated system of environmental and quality management of A.F.Carreto, in Castelo Branco is certified according to ISO 9001 e 14001 since 2014.

All A.F.Carreto e Filhos SA business units comply with legal requirements for its activity developments;

Castelo Branco:

Licence n.º 27/2008

ID APA00081585

Certificate SGQ 9001

Certificate SGA14001

Valorcar N.º109

GVB N.º176

Pêro Pinheiro:

Licence OGR n.º 27/2008

ID APA00426282

GVB N.º176




Products & Services

A.F.Carreto has a variety of equipment available to collect , transport, seperate and value scrap metal, such as, heavy goods vehicles and the latest technological equipment.

Between scrap and the final product, A.F.Carreto works  with metal/non metal scrap, electrical/electronic equipment, construction and demolition material, batteries, metal packaging  and end of life vehicles.



A.F.Carreto complies with all legal and internal environmental obligations. To that, all damaging emissions are controled, such as energy consumption and any aspects which directly or indirectly affect sustainable growth, and carbon emission.

A.F.Carreto tries to provent CO2 emissions, unfortunately it is impossible to prevent using electricity, gas and petrol, however, the carbon footprint remains positive. Each year, A.F.Carreto prevents the emission of about 6990 ton CO2 eq in to the atmosphere.

To calculate your Ecological Footprint and its influence on climate change, click on the image below.




Castelo Branco Plant (Headquarters)
Pêro Pinheiro – Sintra Plant


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